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November 4, 2017

Wrapping up Ecuador, part 2

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In between the medical work, you can find culture clashes everywhere:



in the weird juxtaposition of superstition and modern medical technologies – – –



in the paintings of heroes in the union office of the hospital – – –





in the influence of U.S. bumper-sticker / T-shirt wisdom – – –





in the continued city-building by us humans and unrelenting city-devouring by Mother Nature – – –







As is almost always the case, we received at least as much as we gave during the intense week. Our team descended from the highlands with smiles, laughter, and collapsing into postponed sleep.


We hope that we left behind patients better off than when we first saw them, local surgeons who had learned a new skill or two, and a positive view of North Americans in the people we met.


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