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October 25, 2015

Persephone, from Where?

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(at two and a half months)

You’re waking into our world. As your eyes grow, you watch our smiles, explore the dangling toys we put there for you, perhaps even begin to differentiate colors (I’m assuming there were no colors in the uterus; surprise me and tell me otherwise !).

As your ears grow, you hear a sequence of rising, then falling notes – a song. You hear it so often that it must stand out from the cacophony around you. Notice how it’s frequently accompanied by visions of smiles?

It’s your name.

As your muscles strengthen, you’ve shaped your mouth into a triangle that helps you eat. You explore those noises you can make – your first feeble attempts to express yourself, which will grow, over the years, into the feeble attempts we adults make to express ourselves.

And your hand, that loyal friend from the other world, does it come into view increasingly often? Do you understand that it’s your hand that pushes this toy? That squeezes my finger? And that it is YOU making the hand do that?

Are you beginning to understand how we connect to things here in this world?

Brave little Persephone, you keep smiling as you explore our world. Keep it up; we’ll bequeath this world to you soon enough.

But before you get too deeply in, and ultimately forget where you came from – – –

Tell us – – –

Please – – –

All about Blake’s dell you so recently left.



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