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January 26, 2010

We Have Met the N.M.E., and it is Us

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Dear Stakeholders:

This memo is an effort at Consensus Building for the Rollout of our new Program to Entirely Eliminate Public Health Acronyms and Shibboleth Terminology (PEEPHAST).

A recent Gap Analysis of Public Health’s Capacity to communicate with our Partners showed that Lessons Learned have not developed into Best Practices as fully as we’d hoped in the Health Equity Plan. In fact, we’re getting considerable Push-Back about our terminology. This is causing pain in our Asset-Based Built Environment office.

In the interest of Transparency, the process to establish a Footprint for PEEPHAST will pick through the Low-Hanging Fruit from all the Silos we call Public Health programs.

A meeting of Stakeholders (who we hope, by meeting’s end will have become the Gatekeepers for PEEPHAST) has been scheduled at a place and time convenient to Staff. At the PEEPHAST meeting, we will Drill Down through the entire Skill Set in our Toolbox. Our Over-Arching goal is to find consensus that will make Champions for PEEPHAST of every one of you.

The agenda for the meeting is still under development, but it will be Robust, and there will be little time for Physical Activity Breaks. So please come prepared to work hard and remember: PEEPHAST for Public Health!

Note: consistent with our tradition of  Cultural Sensitivity in all areas, including the culinary, we have prepared two versions of this memo: one directed to Stakeholders, the other to vegetarians. Please pardon us in advance if you receive the wrong memo.

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